Humble Minded believes in the essence of a sustainable future and strives towards ecological integrity and social justice. From 2017 till now we always tried to find the best sustainable suppliers and materials but not always we were able to take action and ensure that all our operations were sustainable.

2020 was an unpredictable year but thanks to this, we were able to make big steps towards our sustainable goals and work on a collection that can fully protect our planet, while still delivering quality and comfort to our clients. 

We are happy to announce that our new collection is all made with sustainable fabrics verified from OEKO-TEX, responsible for the sustainability and health of the earth. Every material and fabric from the new collection of Humble Minded is sustainable, trustworthy, and safe and we are happy to work towards a healthier future and make responsible decisions more and more every day. 

Sustainability has always been Humble Minded biggest goal, helping our company and our customers to make a positive change to protect our planet in every way from design to production and supply chain to finished product. We are deeply committed to further contribute to innovation and sustainability as it’s what we value the most. As our motto states “Everything We Do Comes From The Heart”.