Welcome Series: Production

At Humble Minded, we have certain values that we stand strongly by, and these include ensuring the best quality and fitting of the products, attention to detail, approachability, and honesty.

Production at Humble Minded

We are committed to delivering the best possible quality of products at an accessible price point. Moreover, we have a hands-on approach to creating our products. We start from scratch and are involved every step of the way. From design to sourcing to manufacturing to delivering. We pay extreme attention to the fitting details of each product and have visited the factories in Bandung, Indonesia of where our products are being produced to ensure the legitimacy and the quality of the factory.


Sustainability and the well-being of our planet are something that we care deeply about. However, we are also going to be honest with you that we are currently nowhere near being a completely sustainable brand, but are committed to initiating steps to ensure that we improve on this. As it stands, we have looked into the conditions of the factory and, for some of our collections, sourced out eco-friendly fabrics.

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