The Core of Our Heart

Inspired by authentic people who are aligned with our slogan “From The Heart”.
Humble Minded lies on the belief that actions driven by the heart will ignite the flames of passion. With this in mind, Humble Minded introduces its newest collection, The Core of Our Heart.

Humble Minded is more than just clothes. Crafted with organic cotton, and embodied in timeless designs that highlight the smallest of details, this collection prioritizes comfortability while still offering high quality items. Humble Minded encourages society to support clothes of better quality that are more durable, rather than buying “What is in fashion”. 

Humble Minded is delighted to introduce its first collection line made from exceptional sustainable cotton. We would not call ourselves a sustainable company since we are still far from expectations. The truth is we are aware of the environmental issues and we want to contribute toward establishing positive solutions.​​

The capsule collection can be purchased, will be launched online and selected retailers worldwide today on September 23, 2021, at 12 PM CET.