Humble Minded is here to connect fashion with music. This time we collaborated with Jnaro.

Jnaro is one of Jakarta's most promising and unique young DJ's coming out in recent years. Having being around the scene at an early age gave him the chance to explore a wide range of music and gave him a unique view of Jakarta’s music scene. His set take in everything from hip hop to electronic, house, baile-funk and beyond, his selection has been described as eclectic and adventurous by party goers and DJ’s alike. He has built his name and reputation in Jakarta with his unique taste and different view of the scene. Jnaro regularly spearheads events throughout Indonesia, and has also performed internationally in Kuala Lumpur and Amsterdam. From being Introduced initially by Pon Your Tone creating the notorious collective Cul De Sac with his friends, getting recruited by De La House Indonesia, he always works tirelessly in an effort to bring something new to Jakarta’s music scene. He strives to further develop his knowledge of the scene in Indonesia and beyond, while establishing his own signature and sound. Check our Spotify account for the mixtape.